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About Santoshpur

Santoshpur in West Bengal was once part of Jadavpur district . At that time most of the area was covered by lush green agricultural land and hardly any houses around. It was a serene place despite located a few kilometers away from state capital. Over the years, people migrated to Santoshpur and construction of buildings started. Thanks to the expansion of the boundaries of Kolkata that needed new land to support the economy and livelihood of the state. The biggest reason for migration was availalbility of land at cheaper rates by the government. The middle-class families were largely attracted with such offers and the transformation happened at a faster rate than expected. The whole town developed in to a small city with agricultural lands vanishing quickly.

About Santoshpur
Santoshpur Lake

In very quick time, Santoshpur had become a major urban hub of South Kolkata. Many government and private employees moved here for a living. With rapid development in infrastructure, the administration was not up to the task to meet the demand. It led to rise of many domestic issues like water logging, improper sewage system, damaged roads, and narrow lanes that were yet to be expanded added to traffic woes. The government laid couple of bypasses and a bridge to ease the traffic but it never was easy to commute with growing population in the surrounding cities.

Administration in Santoshpur

Santoshpur falls under jurisdiction of Kolkata district. Therefore, all the local governing bodies of Kolkata city manage administrative issues of Santoshpur as well. The Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority is responsible for infrastructure planning and development of suburban and urban places within Kolkata. The civic infrastructures and roads are maintained by Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Police Station in Santoshpur
Address: Survey Park, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075, Near Kishore Bharati Stadium
Contact: +(91)-33-24165686, 24165542, 24164166

Healthcare in Santoshpur

As Santoshpur is located within half hour drive from capital city Kolkata, local people often visit hospitals for immediate medical attention during health emergencies.There are dental clinics also located within the town. The below list has physical address and contact information of hospitals and clinics. Apart from these medical centres, there are separate pathology labs for people to undergo regular medical examinations.

Life Nursing Home
Address: 136, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075, Near Santoshpur Mini Bus Stand
Contact: +(91)-9831041204; (+91)-9830438277; +(91)-33-24169957, 24169234, 24162588

Lighter Hospital
Address: Jadavpur Paul Bazar, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9831940818

Life Centre
Address: 161, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24716180

Pathology Labs in Santoshpur

Biocare Diagnostic
Address: 1050/2, A 29, 1st Floor, Green Commercial Complex, Survey Park, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075, Near Hiland Park Big Bazaar
Contact: +(91)-9831124746; +(91)-33-40635183

Arogya Sandhan Charitable Trust
Address: 2, R K Sarani, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075, Eastern Park
Contact: +(91)-9331031650; +(91)-9331031505; +(91)-33-24165725, 24161465, 24167468

R M Medical Service Collection Centre
Address: 179 D, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24167926

Eden Medical Complex
Address: B 68, Survey park, Kolkata - 700075, Near Santoshpur Crossing
Contact: +(91)-9062503582; +(91)-33-24164365, 24165835

Specialist Corner & Diagnostic
Address: 90, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24167636

Galaxy Medical Centre
Address: 1, Baikuntha Saha Road, Kolkata - 700075, Near Battala Santoshpur
Contact: +(91)-9230065342; +(91)-33-64522283, 64511947, 64532283

Dental Clinics in Santoshpur

Hitech Dental & E N T Care Clinic
Address: 187 B, Santoshpur Avenue, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9433319301

Joyti Dental Clinic
Address: 102, Avenue Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075, nr- Santoshpur lake
Contact: +(91)-33-33131620

Banking in Santoshpur

Banks have been established for local people of Santoshpur to perform easy and convenient monetary transactions between various bank accounts. Now, every bank in India also has ATMs located across the country. In addition, banks offer financial security for people's savings. Hence, residents of Santoshpur can secure their liquid assets in multiple bank options avilable within the area. In addition, the central government has launched several life long pension schemes attached to individual savings accounts. Therefore, it has created a sense of importance and awareness amongst people to have a savings bank account. Here is a list of all the banks in Santoshpur with complete contact information.

HDFC Bank Ltd
Address: No.179, Santoshpur Avenue, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-40040904, 61606161

State Bank Of India
Address: 49, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24995141; 18004253800; 1800112211

United Bank Of India
Address: 84 A, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24162398, 24162505, 24161974; 18003450345

Allahabad Bank
Address: 117, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24162428; +(91)-33-24165866; 1800220363

Uco Bank
Address: 163, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24169643

Central Bank Of India
Address: 189, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24162770, 24165220; 18002001911

ATM Centres in Santoshpur

United Bank Of India
Address: 84a, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: 18003450345

IDBI Bank Ltd
Address: 75 A, Kolkata - 700075, Santoshpur Avenue
Contact: 18002001947,1800221070

Address: 75 A, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: 18002001947; 1800221070

HDFC Bank Ltd
Address: 44, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9831073333; 1800224060

HDFC Bank Ltd
Address: 179, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9831073333; 1800224060

Allahabad Bank
Address: 117, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: 1800220363

UCO Bank
Address: 163, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: 18003450123; 1800103012

Axis Bank Ltd
Address: 84, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: 18002335577; 18002095577

Bank Of Baroda
Address: 150 A, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: 18001024455

Dena Bank
Address: C-219 Ground Floor, Em Bypass, Kolkata - 700075, Survey Park Near Santoshpur,Ajaynagar
Contact: 18002336427; 1800225740

Indusind Bank Ltd
Address: 107, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: 1800220061; 18002090061

Chartered Accountants in Santoshpur

Businessmen and private companies hire chartered accountants to manage their finances. As Santoshpur turned into sub-urban city of Kolkata, many small businesses emerged in the area. The below gathered information will help local people of Santoshpur easily find CAs and get required help. Private employess can also seek their advise for tax savings and file tax accordingly.

R G Paul
Address: 23/1, New Santoshpur Main Road, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24168527

Arunava Guha
Address: 38 G New Santoshpur Main Rd, Santoshpur .,Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9903343516

Address: 36/2 Hind Road, New Santoshpur, P.O. Santoshpur,Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9883028044

Avik Roy Chowdhury
Address: 7, 3rd Street Modern Park Santoshpur Kol-75(W.B), Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24322413

Chandana Dutt Nandi
Address: 11/2a New Santoshpur Main Road Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9831173155; +(91)-33-24160786

Dhiraj Sharma
Address: 3a, Avenue, 1st Road, Santoshpur, Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9433292208

Dwaipayan Sengupta
Address: 10 Lake East 3rd Road, Flat - B-3 Santoshpur,Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9433244548; +(91)-33-25810378

Joydip Bhattacharyya
Address: Kalyani Apartment, Ground Floor, 57, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-9433064587

Indranil Majumdar
Address: 5/5a,Vivek Nagar Santoshpur,Kolkata, Kolkata - 700075
Contact: +(91)-33-24184586

A Chaudhary & Co
Address: D-24, Calcutta Greens Commercial Complex, 1050/2 SURVEY PARK, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700075, Hiland Park
Contact: +(91)-9330560978

Transport in Santoshpur

Santoshpur is located 13 km from Kolkata. Kolkata being a metro city of India, it is well connected from all corners of the country. You can reach Kolkata by train, air, and road with utmost convenience. There are plenty of state road transport buses from Kolkata to Santoshpur.

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